Naturally Beautiful

Whether you recently purchased property or are planning a remodel on your current land, a view from above can help you decide where to build, dig, remove or replace anything and everything. Allowing your imagination to become a reality.


Pass with High Expectations

From rooftops to gas lines and wind mills we have you covered. Stay safe on the ground, while our 4k camera records every corner, crevice, and hard to see location letting you relax with confidence.



Varieties to fit any project


Share your world

Weddings, birthdays, or any occasion that you want to share, then let Fly_Fisch add to that special moment from 100 ft in the air.  Creating and adding to your special moments to last for a life time. Amplifying each occasion, making it worth talking about for years to come.


Perfect for Everyone

If you are looking to grab people's attention for your business or property than doing an aerial video is just what you need.
Looking for a creative way to advertise your business? Trying to sell that property that's been on the market for weeks? Let us showcase what you have to offer by creating and customizing your project to fit your individual needs.
Let us help your imagination become a reality.


Enhance Your Lifestyle

If you're looking to enhance your personal brand through social media or simply share your outdoor experience with friends, find just what you need here.

Whether you are mountain biking, rock climbing, riding UTV's or just kayaking with friends. Bring any outdoor adventure fullscreen long after the adventure ends.


Eyes in the Sky

In the worst of scenarios when panic sets in and rescue crews are on scene. Let us be your extra set of eyes in the sky. With a 4 mile range, a top speed of 40mph, we can cover distance and save time when it matters most. 


Add That Flare

If you have videos that you would like edited and turned into a special gift or personalized keepsake, let me take care you. Graduation, birthday party, vacations, just to name a few. Depending on your preference, video editing may include picture enhancement, sound quality, music and so much more! Let me personalize your memories for you to enjoy over and over again.


*DISCLAIMER- While Fly_Fisch is capable of producing aerial maps and land boundaries (developed or non developed) for insight only, a licensed land surveyor and surveyed property is still needed in order to create a surveyed quality aerial map. 



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