FREE at location consultation

*(only available in the quad city area)*
Reason behind the consultation is so you can tell me what you want, I can see the layout of the land and area, and lastly we can figure everything out ahead of schedule FREE of cost!


$75/hr on site $25/hr editing

Property boundary/mapping will consist of an entire aerial view of the land, including a 2D photo, 3D photo and elevation changes.  If requested I can also do material volume and construction progress.

Each project will be custom quoted.  Call or email for more details. 


$100/hr on site $25/hr editing

Inspection selection includes (but not limited to) dams, gas/oil lines, streets, windmills, buildings (including siding and roofs), construction sites, other infrastructures and solar panels. 

Packages will include photos, or a video, a 2D Map, 3D photo or all combined.  Each project will be custom quoted. Call or email for more details.


$50/hr on site $25/hr editing

Each special occasion, property, or task are individually unique.  That’s why each project is specially quoted for each customer so you can receive exactly what you are in need of.


SAR (Search and Rescue)


All I ask is a donation to help for the essentials (fuel, food, and amenities)


If you require a drone for any project not listed, please contact me and we can discuss further to meet your needs.

*Traveling to locations listed below will be an additional charge of:

Verde Valley- $50

Sedona- $70

Maricopa County- $80

Coconino County- $200 

Mohave County-$300 


  • *Golden Hour (1 hr before  Sunset/Sunrise)- $90​​


* The last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise, referred to as “the golden hour” or “magic hour,” these times provide the perfect light to capture stunning photos.​


Prescott Valley AZ United States 86315

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